DHS Redacts Words to Describe Muslims

It’s not enough that Attorney General Loretta Lynch and DHS redacts anti-American anti-gay gay American Muslim terrorist Mateen’s 9-11 call. For Liberals, there is even more to do.

According to Judicial Watch, DHS redact words that puts Muslims in bad light.

Four years after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) purged anti-terrorism training material determined to be offensive to Muslims, its umbrella agency, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), may eliminate divisive Islamic terms like “jihad” and “sharia” in government programs targeting radicalization among youth.

It’s political correctness run amok and the Obama administration has played a central role in promoting it by caving in to the demands of various Muslim rights groups. In this latest case a Homeland Security Advisory Council is recommending that, to avoid “us versus them” when discussing extremism, certain “religiously-charged” terminology must be avoided. This includes using “American Muslim” rather than “Muslim American” and rejecting religious, legal and cultural terms like jihad, sharia, takfir and umma. Jihad is the holy war that propels Islamic terrorism. Sharia is the authoritarian doctrine that inspires Islamists—including the world’s most violent groups such as Al Qaeda—and their jihadism. Takfir and umma are Arabic terms that mean apostasy and Muslim community.

Pretty soon we may call Muslim terrorist killing sprees “shopping,” or some other innocuous term.

Where does this end? With the Left, it doesn’t. When does it end? When we stop allowing it.


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