Eritrean Migrant Busted Trying to Reach Britain in a Suitcase

This Eritrean migrant was busted trying to reach Britain in a suitcase.

Police caught the man after terrified train passengers heard moans and wails coming from the luggage as the train entered Switzerland.

After watching the video of this contortionist, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a female companion in there, and the sounds other passengers heard were carnal in nature. This guy is talented, so who knows the possibilities.

When the man exited the suitcase, I felt like I’d just watch a Cirque du Soleil show. If you’re like me, you have wonder how in the hell did this guy get in the case to begin with!

In the video you can see the man emerge, and he is over 6 feet tall. I can tell you that if I were 4 feet tall, I couldn’t do what he did. Two feet tall, maybe!

Talk about one motivated Eritrean migrant! Apparently Eritrea is yet another African country that doesn’t have to worry about open borders. What’s that make now? 54.

It’s reported that the 21-year-old migrant traveled by train from Milan’s Central station, and he had a traveling companion. At some point, the man’s hiding place was uncovered. Upon inspecting the luggage, the Swiss border guards were shocked to discover a lanky Eritrean migrant. He tried to sneak into the country from Italy packed inside a suitcase

I was glad to know there was a traveling companion. One would have to presume that it was the friend who put him in baggage, because that would be a real talent, if the Eritrean man did this himself.

I’m not sure why the man didn’t just sign up for the Refugee Resettlement program. Or better yet, fight with ISIS then come over in the wave of humanitarian invasion immigration, that Obama and most Liberals all over the world endorse?

The guy was just too impatient. Nevertheless this is one flexible Eritrean migrant!

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