Farrakhan Chastises the Black Community [Video]

Farrakhan chastises the black community, and says what Kevin Jackson has been saying all over media these days.

In this video he explains the 10,000 man comment, and puts the black community on notice about black on black crime.

Whether you believe Farrakhan about his statement of the purpose 10,000 men or not, the fact remains that black on black crime disturbs him. His twisted logic as to why black people need to stop killing each other dilutes the point, however the point gets made.

Funny that when Kevin Jackson attempts to discuss black on black crime, particularly in comparison to blacks killed by police, he is called an Uncle Tom or far worse. When Farrakhan chastise blacks, the Left, particularly the black Left are eerily silent.

Such is one of the double standards in the black community. Farrakhan chastises the black community, and he remains a hero. However, let a black conservative speak out on the same subject, and he or she is a pariah.

Or is that the case?

In a speech at a Cleveland church Sept. 3, Farrakhan claimed (at 1 hour, 27 minutes into the video linked here) he was rejected by black churches:

“…supposed to speak at Mother Emanuel, but they rejected me. And then we went to another church to speak and they rejected me as well. Went to three churches and then one church was willing to let me come, but they said, ‘You got to sign a paper that you not gonna say nothing controversial. I wonder, the poor bishop, who he had to bring the paper to. See, if God calls you, what do you gotta go to the white man and get a license for?”

Black America rejects the racism of Farrakhan and his ilk. The Left doesn’t want you to know this. Further, the black community wants REAL leaders, black conservatives like Kevin Jackson and others. They may not say it publicly, but many blacks write in support of the work Kevin and our team does.


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