FBI and Hillary Clinton: It’s All God’s Plan

In the aftermath of the FBI decision not to indict crooked Hillary Clinton, I was outraged. Likely so were you. However I quickly said to myself that God knows best.

To use one of my favorite phrases: “It’s all God’s plan.”

We simply don’t know why things work out they way they do. What does God have planned for Hillary Clinton may rival what He did to her in 2008.

Hillary Clinton has now twice been the one who the Democrats wanted as king. She was dethroned by a man the Left recognized as their new and improved god. Meanwhile, the REAL God allowed America to go the way of the wicked.

I received a message from a friend, and it described the crooked Hillary Clinton email scandal in a novel way. Dave writes:

Clinton, Obama and he apparatchiks of DC are playing with fire; thinking they can control it. History says otherwise.

Commodus, son of Marcus Aurelius, fancied himself a god and was strangled by his servant.  Napoleon thought the people loved him but died in exile.  Hitler murdered millions to secure his “Thousand Year Reich,” but ended up dead by his own hands in a Berlin bunker.

Mussolini indulged his lechery and tyranny until the people hung him by his heels in ignominy. Trotsky engineered the Russian Revolution but died by the hands of Stalin’s hired assassin.  Stalin murdered the people of Georgia by intentional starvation, but died with the death of the USSR.

Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake!”, and lost her head.

Tyrants think they are gods, but die like dogs. Only their ignominy remains of their memory.

America will not support a tyrant. We’ve seen the devastation that a near-tyrant has done. Forced healthcare insurance, that has delivered nothing except more bureaucracy. Obama gives us lawlessness in major cities that is at unfathomable proportions.

Obama has invited terrorists into our midst. He ignores our borders and brings in illegals to steal jobs and commit crimes against American citizens, under the guise of being humanitarian. The Obama administration can only truthfully be described as a den of thieves supported by scoundrels.

America has witnessed wickedness first-hand. But as Dave wrote,

The wrath of God awaits the fullness of their cup of evil and, and they never escape!

Liberals like to play God. Many like Obama and crooked Hillary Clinton believe themselves to be God. As we witnessed with Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, she is above the law; “government law” that is.

Clinton is not above the law of the people; God’s law. Daily we are exposed to Clinton’s evil ways. Her wickedness has been chronicled by me and many others multitudes of times. There is countless evidence against her, as there was in the email scandal.

Comey addressed the security nature of the scandal, however he wholly ignored The Clinton Foundation. This remains a problem for crooked Hillary, as  that specter still lingers. Who knows when that anvil will fall.

So crooked Hillary Clinton appears to have gotten a pass, right? This is why she didn’t mention what was the biggest news of her campaign. A year long investigation by the FBI didn’t end in an indictment, but not a single mention of the outcome while stumping with Obama.

Perhaps Dave is prophetic, when he writes:

God has a different view of justice than we can imagine:  He delights not in the death of the wicked, but delights in the death of the righteous.  The righteous dead have the resurrection to life ahead of them.  The wicked — an eternity of darkness and endless self-recrimination.

“Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”  And of the wicked he says, “I will laugh, I will have them in derision.”

It’s all God’s plan. As Dave pointed out:

One of the flags of the American Revolution bore the phrase, “An Appeal to Heaven.,” and we won against immense odds with an army of a 25 percent minority of the Colonists.  Let our hearts not be dismayed, but let them constantly make an appeal to Heaven.  He does not sleep and will answer when the cup of the wickedness of these people is full and they must then drink it!



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