Feminism Ruined Black Liberal Men?

I speak truth about a lot of issues plaguing the black community. ALL of the issues are plaguing the community at large, just are disproportionately impacting blacks, usually negatively. And feminism ruined black Liberal men.

Feminism’s impact on the black community has been nothing short of devastating. Black Liberal men are the biggest fallout, though there is other collateral damage.

I would like to go completely jungle on these worthless feminists, including black Liberal women. I choose not to do so, not because I’m biting my tongue. Honestly, I just have too many other battles to fight at this time.

But one site has gone off on feminists, and its called “The Game is Told not Sold.”


More from the site:

Let me tell you how this works. The system is designed to kill off the men, yes it attacks the women, but the system wants to program the women, not kill them off. The women represent the birth factory so she is much-needed. Women are highly spiritual and the system knows this, so it programs women’s belief system in an awkward way, knowing that she will structure her home based on her beliefs, and if the man is a threat to those systematic beliefs that she has been programmed to believe, she will operate her flight-or-fight response and disconnect from the man, in time her son will become her husband and she’ll program him with the information she knows, and that’s the intro of a bitch ass nigga.

Feminism has not only done what this author describes, but it has fooled women into the false belief that they are supposed to do it without a man.

Meanwhile, the rich white professed feminist women are pulling a scam. They are happily married, and very deferential to their men. They are deferential to many men, not just their husbands. They will kowtow to any man who will help them get ahead.

The black community recognizes this. In some cases, young black men know the game, and play the game. Why bother with the responsibility of a family, when you can “hit it” every now and them, and not worry about taking care of the casualties of the feminists, War on the Black Family? What the feminists have accomplished in ruining the black family is to give young black men a pass. They’ve made it easy.

Well it’s not. Relationships are difficult, and parenting is even more so. But that difficulty is what makes stronger and stronger families, generation after generation. That’s not happening in the black community, and that’s the plan. So America gets the black Liberal man. The no-man’s man, living in no-man’s land.


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