Inmates Save Guard: Parker County Jail

Here’s another story that reminds us that even men in bad circumstances can show humanity. This happened at Parker County jail.

These inmates in this Parker County jail video did a miraculous thing, putting their own lives at risk. They managed to show the character that exists within all of us, as they save the life of a jail guard.

The incident happened in Parker County jail. Apparently 8 prisoners were being held in a containment area, awaiting their permanent cells and/or arraignment. They had been talking to the guard earlier, when suddenly he slumped over. The guard was unconscious.

The 8 prisoners thought it was odd at first, then they realized that something was wrong with the guard.

Meth addict Nick Kelton and other inmates shouted for help, but couldn’t get the attention of the other guards. They decided to try to bust out of the containment area, in hopes of being spotted by the guards watching on security cameras.

This was a highly risky move, as the other guards might perceive their move to help the guard as something different. Nevertheless, they were able to get out, and were spotted by the guards.

A jail guard Sergeant corralled the inmates, and a deputy guard performed CPR on the guard who had feinted. The actions of the inmate and subsequent CPR saved the life of the guard who had feinted.



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