Hillary Clinton Is A Genitalian and Leads the Vagina Party

Hillary Clinton’s biggest asset is her mouth, but not that Monica Lewinsky kind of way. No, crooked Hillary is just a big mouth liar, and her resume is a list of overblown non-accomplishments.

Simply put: Clinton is as useless as an afro pick to a bald man, and her record of accomplishment is laughable. Democrats, feminists, Liberals, blacks, snakes, and other Left-leaning groups should be ashamed to have this genitalian as their candidate.

As this video shows, when asked about her campaign, Hillary Clinton pointed out that lot of people just want a woman. And what of men? Does Hillary represent men at all, or we just get our justice on the streets?

In the gender ambiguous world of the left, just being a woman has become a virtue. Perhaps the Left has run out of virtuous men, as Hillary’s baby daddy did his part, right? Bill Clinton, Anthony Wiener? Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid? Let’s just say there is no more bottom to their barrel.

Or perhaps the Left realizes that they have no more men? Have you seen the “men” on the Left. Their woman are much tougher, and they have the faces to prove it.

I’m not being mean-spirited to Leftist, just speaking truth: Leftist women have the shortest bout with beauty of any women. A few years after puberty and they all look like Ernest Borgnine. YIKES!

I know this, if I were brain-dead enough to vote for a Democrat woman, it wouldn’t be crooked Clinton. I’d vote for Kim Kardashian before I voted for crooked Hillary. But “Progressives” are easily led, and so crooked Hillary can be their hero.

The sad part about the so-called feminism is the limited choices they have in idols. The Democrats’ and feminists’ desperation is showing when they would have crooked Hillary Clinton as their candidate. Republicans could roll out many accomplished women, and I won’t bother with the list.

At least we know what to call the Democratic Party in a few years. The #VaginaParty.

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