Hillary Clinton’s Bad News: No Indictment

Hillary Clinton’s bad news happened today. According to FBI Director James Comey, Hillary Clinton will not be indicted.

Hillary Clinton had a choice between jail or her already ruined reputation, and she chose the latter. Thus began, Hillary Clinton’s bad news.

There was no way to listen to Comey explain what Hillary Clinton and her staffers in the State Department did, without wondering how he didn’t end the press conference with an indictment. Now everybody wonders what happened.

The prevailing thought in media and social media: “The fix was in.”

I visited the #Clinton trend as it was happening, and it was not good for Hillary Clinton. Trends associated with Clinton dwarfed everything trending at the time. The trends were astounding.

Clinton TwitterAs the graphic indicates, Clinton trended at 590K tweets. But look at the next group of leaders.

Comey trended at 277K tweets.

Next, FBI Director trended at 165K.

Finally, Extremely Careless trended at 41.9K tweets.

Of the Top 10 trending topics of that time, 4 of them are about Hillary Clinton getting away with what no other person outside of Obama’s “circle of scoundrels” could have gotten away with.

As I reviewed Clinton tweets, there were additional overriding themes:

  • The ruling class
  • America died a little today
  • Files and devices cleaned in such a way that they could not be recovered, even with forensics.

I believe the fallout from this will devastate the Clinton campaign.

Interestingly, Clinton meets up with Obama, and these two former nobodies jet off to North Carolina. This was an apparent show of corruption solidarity, because many people questioned the meeting with Obama in social media.

One, why would Obama endorse Clinton, while she was under investigation. Two, how did he know to still keep the planned trip.

I have yet to see any polls, but they do have me curious. When I posted on my social media site about the outcome of the investigation, here is what I received.

Linda: I was not going to vote because I can’t stand Trump either. When I heard this news, I knew I had to vote…and vote for Trump, even if he sickens me. At least he is not a criminal who used power to stay out of jail.

How many people in America feel like Linda? I say there are far more than anybody on the Left will admit. I believe Hillary Clinton shot herself in the foot. Hillary Clinton’s bad news may be that she just put many Independents firmly in the Trump camp.


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