Hillary Supporters : Voter Shenanigans

Crooked Hillary Clinton is an institution. Her entire organization is rotten to the core. So what there were voter shenanigans.

The only saving grace for America is these criminals don’t have enough the full support of the black community. Truthfully, black people would have steamroll their grandmothers to elect Obama. Hillary…not so much.

It’s no surprise that during the campaign Hillary Clinton operatives were caught on video telling Hillary supporters to vote WITHOUT registering first. Who needs the formality, when the cake is baked.

No thanks to Bernie Sanders who rolled over like a submissive Schnauzer, as Hillary Clinton gave him a tummy rub.

Thankfully the Republicans have a candidate who is litigious. Further Trump has the financial wherewithal to challenge any of crooked Hillary’s antics and tactics. Normally Republicans just call it a night. Pretend the molestation didn’t happened. They know the Democrats rig the system, but do nothing.

Interestingly, most Democrats believe that it is Republicans who commit voter fraud.

The Heritage Foundation listed nearly 300 documented cases of voter fraud, and as you might guess, most involve Democrats. And as one writer suggest, voter fraud is not just an individual or isolated crime. In some counties and communities, election fraud is almost a way of life. For Democrats, voter fraud IS a way of life.

We talk about national databases for gun registrations, and the tracking of criminals, but never for voter registration. Voting is the most precious right of a citizen, repeat citizen, and should be protected above all else.

Yet if one were to suggest such a database, you can bet the Left would have a coronary. With such a database, the Democrats would not be able to have voter shenanigans.

Further, this database should be tied to the deceased. There should be a requirement that all dead people be promptly removed from the voter registration. That alone would decrease Democrat votes by 15 percent in most elections.

If you decide to research a case or two of voter fraud, look at East Chicago, Indiana. The town is infamous because of the extensive voter fraud that occurred there in the 2003 Democratic mayoral primary election.



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