HuffPo: Democrat Scandals Offer Clear Optics

I love the term “optics,” as it relates to politics. The Democrat’s convention offers pretty clear optics.

DNC Chairwoman has resigned, and Hillary Clinton remains under fire for her shenanigans. Talk about your clear optics. Two powerful women, both under fire and in what’s supposed to be their finest hour?

I predicted that Clinton’s “exoneration” in the email scandal would backfire. Further, I predicted that there are many other anvils waiting to fall on the presumptive Democrat presidential nominees well-coiffed head. And if things aren’t bad enough for Clinton, even the media has turned on her, at least as far as the Leftist media is allowed to turn.

HuffPo featured an article titled: Still Not Too Late For Sanders:

That’s not exactly the way you want to begin your first day at the Democrat convention. Again…clear optics!

The author writes,

As I write this, the Democratic Convention is about to begin. The chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz just stepped down as the head of the DNC over the leaked e-mails showing that the DNC had apparently conspired against the Bernie Sanders campaign to hand the nomination over to Hillary Clinton. Almost immediately after her resignation, Wasserman-Schultz was given a position within the Clinton campaign as an honorary chair. With cronyism, loyalty is rewarded even after a scandal.

Hmmm, the disgraced cheat and soon-to-be-former DNC chairwoman has a place on crooked Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Can’t just throw her to the wolves just yet, I suppose.

With Democrats, loyalty (and incompetence) are rewarded.

Next was Clinton’s announcement of her VP. After all is said and done, racist, misandrist (hater of men) Hillary Clinton selects a WHITE MAN! Why is this black Conservative not surprised.

I don’t blame Hillary Clinton for selecting a white male eunuch, when you consider the rest of the gene pool on the Left. Corey “I’m not GAY!” Booker, Elizabeth “Hiawatha” Warren, were among the worthless dung she had to choose from. Hillary chose the safe bet: useless white metrosexual male hyena Tim Kaine.

The pick didn’t go over too well with the HuffPo writer:

Clinton’s Vice Presidential pick of Tim Kaine has angered many progressives within the party. Kaine is progressive on many wonderful issues, but not on the issues that matter most in this election. This election year will focus a lot on Wall Street greed, corporate legalized bribery, and big money interests in politics. Tim Kaine is no friend to progressives on these issues and neither is Hillary Clinton.

In other words, they are both equally crooked, and again we have clear optics.

Finally, HuffPo gets in the gratuitous Trump jab.

Donald Trump is obviously not either, but he has the ability to fool a great number of Americans into believing he is on the side of the working class against these powerful corrupting influences. He will push these issues in the general election and Clinton will not be able to defend against them.

HuffPo is upset that Trump has a viable and correct strategy of using the actual records of the Democrats against them. Though Clinton and Kaine have records of working against the interest of the people, enriching themselves and cronies, Trump is the problem? The guy who can’t be bought, versus the woman who is worth $100,000,000+ from running a NON-PROFIT!

I love his final comment on the subject of Democrat corruption:

While Clinton has not been indicted over her private e-mail server, she has also not been given a clean bill of health on the issue either. Trump will continue to use this against her throughout the campaign. The whole campaign will be about Clinton’s e-mail scandal, the DNC’s e-mail scandal, cronyism, and big money corruption in politics.

HuffPo, you’re right. The campaign will be about crooked Hillary Clinton’s record. America has been exposed to the real Democrats. Pretty clear optics.




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