Kevin Jackson Weighs In On Police Shooting in Dallas

Needless to say, Kevin Jackson generated a lot of media buzz today, when he was on Fox & Friends discussing the shooting in Dallas that happened the previous night.

In what is a rare format for Kevin on FOX he led off the hour with Governor Mike Huckabee on the “curvy couch,” and both were invited to chime in on the shooting in Dallas that left 5 officers dead and 7 others wounded.

The reason for the media buzz is clear. Kevin remains one of the few people willing to dismiss the racial implications of these stories and cut to the heart of the matter. As we practice at The Black Sphere, it’s simply about right and wrong.

Kevin offered that this situation in Dallas was bound to happen. The rumblings were there, so the earthquake was coming. Few thought it would be Dallas, but why not?

America’s cities are all much the same. The Democrat establishment can’t believe these powder kegs won’t eventually blow, when Democrats are constantly lighting the fuses.

Kevin was brave enough to call #BLM a hate group, and yet again pointed out the statistics involved in police shootings. To recap, at the date of the taping, there were 561 shootings that resulted in death by police officers.

  • 275 white
  • 136 black
  • 86 Hispanic

The idea that only blacks were being targeted by police was dispatched by Kevin. Furthermore, he pointed out that America knows the names of some black victims, but doesn’t universally know the names of any non-blacks.

One has to question the motives, when this is the case. Why does America only concern itself with the death of blacks? There is no slavery. And contrary to what many on the Left seem to believe the only slaves in America today are hardworking, taxpaying citizens.

Then there is the question, “Why is that when a┬áblack person is shot it’s racial?”

Kevin accused the race-pimps like Jesse Jackson of looking for ways to profiteer. “When the racism bell rings, Jesse Jackson comes to dinner to feast!”

Hopefully you enjoy the segment, as many people requested to see Kevin discuss the shooting in Dallas.

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