Khizr Khan: DNC Muslim Speaker Was Disgrace

The Muslim speaker at the Democrat Thug-A-Thon they called a convention was a token; a tool of the Democrats.

America grieves for anybody lost in war, and Khizr Khan’s son is no exception. But he joins thousands of other families who have lost young men and women to war in the modern era, and the hundreds of thousands of Americans over time. Not to diminish his lost, but big f’g deal. Every one of those lives was significant, and they were overwhelmingly NOT Muslims.

Khan was at the Democrats’ convention for Kabuki theater. The idea that he deserved the spotlight is ridiculous, as he was chosen strictly because he was a Muslim.

The Democrats didn’t showcase the families of the people killed in Ft. Hood by “workplace violence” of another Muslim. The Democrats didn’t showcase the families of the people killed in San Bernardino by Muslims.

Muslims were showcases as yet another “tortured” group to speak to Americans about how bad they are being treated in America. I can hardly wait for the Saudis, Iran, Iraq, or whatever craphole Middle Eastern, Southern Asian, or Northern African armpit of a country to showcase a Christian scolding the citizens of said armpit for mistreatment.

What gall for this Muslim speak to denigrate such an amazing citizen of this country, and for Democrats to condone it!?

What has Trump done to deserve such an attack?

Trump has contributed mightily to the building of this nation. We don’t all go to war, but that doesn’t mean we don’t serve. Trump has served.

Trump has served by creating 22,500 jobs, and supports a tax base that would rank halfway in the world ranking GDPs, if his tax base were a country. The lives Trump has impacted positively are too numerous to count, when you consider the families of his employees alone.

As for Khan, he nor his son stemmed the tide of Muslim killings. He and MILLIONS of other Muslims in America sit idly by, as their “radical” groups continue towards the caliphate.

Khan should be thankful for an America where he CAN serve. An America that rescues people like him and his son from the 3rd-World barbaric scourge of Islam. They were allowed to become part of a country that embraces him, but NOT his culture. If Trump wants to make sure that more immigrants are like his son, what’s his complaint. Isn’t that what Muslims want, to have more ambassadors like his son, and fewer like the Tsarnaev brothers?

To demonize Trump for wanting to preserve the country where Khan immigrated is to allow the Left to win. And that’s all the Left cares about…winning.

The Left wants a hero out of the convention, because crooked Hillary Clinton certainly isn’t. Khan has been selected.

CNN titled an article: Khizr Khan and the moment American Muslims have waiting for.

Many American Muslims said they’ve been disappointed by Democrats as well. On Wednesday night, former President Bill Clinton said Muslims who “hate terror and love freedom” should “stay here,” an implication, some said, that Muslims’ citizenship is contingent and temporary.
During one GOP debate late last year, one Muslim said the election is like watching political football — and American Muslims aren’t playing for either team. They’re the football.
So when Khizr Khan, the father of a slain American soldier, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night and shook his copy of the Constitution at Trump, you could almost see the collective fist pump from Muslims across the country.

I suggest Khan show our Constitution to ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Shabazz, and the other terror groups springing up.

“I was choking back tears,” said Arsalan Iftikhar, author of the book “Scapegoats: How Islamophobia Helps Our Enemies and Threatens Our Freedoms.”
“At a time when Islamophobia is growing thanks to hateful demagogues like Donald Trump, it was heartening to see the Democratic party give a prime-time slot to the father of a fallen Muslim-American soldier who rhetorically slapped Donald Trump in the face with his pocket-size Constitution.”
Islamophobia grows because Muslims continue to commit heinous acts all over the world.
The world awaits a moment, and it’s not for a Muslim speaker to deride citizens of countries who take them in. The world awaits the moment Muslims all over the world stop killing non-Muslims.
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