Kill Police on Twitter Is Trending

For those who don’t believe we live in a time when black animals want to kill police, you may not be on Twitter. The calls to kill police on Twitter were at one point the top trending item recently.

Liberal policies have pitted the black community against the police for no reason. Unless you are anti-law enforcement, you understand the need for the police. Though it is mostly black people who want to kill police on Twitter, more than any other ethnic group then understand the role the police play in our daily lives.

Leftists including the media stoke the hatred of police by blacks, and have actually gotten black people to hate the very people who save more black lives than even Barack Obama. The police solve crimes in black neighborhoods, not the Congressional Black Circus Caucus. It’s not Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who console the parents of dead black teens, teens killed by other black teens. It’s the police who provide that comfort.

We recently chronicled what happened after a “black on black” crime incident, where a man was killed while streaming. Guess who they survivors called for in the aftermath?

Yet, black people want to kill police on Twitter?

Kill cops on Twitter

For those of you who don’t recognize these “tweeters,” Breitbart explains:

Ben Baller, Kanye West’s personal jeweler and Twitter verified personality,  is undoubtedly an influential member of Twitter, with over 437,000 users reading his tweets like the ones above. Nearly half a million people and counting will see him actively endorsing the execution of police officers.

Will Twitter ban Baller for his comments? Or even remove his “verified” checkmark? Non-progressives have had their blue mark removed for more spurious reasons, such asBreitbart Tech‘s own Milo Yiannopoulos. And in some cases, like Adam Baldwin’s, they have even been locked out of Twitter entirely — and that was for allegedly insulting tweets, not incitement to violence against police officers.

Don’t concern yourself with the Left’s guilt; they have none. Nor do they have remorse. Obama has already spoken, and he said, [pp], “This is not a black problem, not a white problem…it’s an American problem.”

One can only guess this is what the polls demanded he say. “Paraphrase Trump, Mr. President!”

Obama created this America. He did it with the help of guilty white Liberals who indulged “the children.” Obama has presided over the worst attack on law enforcement in quite some time. How pathetic.

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