Lawyer Jailed For Not Removing BLM Pin

The idea of somebody wearing a KKK pin would be incredulous. But Liberal Americans openly support the hate group of Black Lives Matter, and they even wear the BLM pin.

So when an attorney wore her racist BLM pin, a judge ordered her to take it off. He said,

“Bitch, justice is blind in here. ALL Lives Matter!”

Ok, he didn’t say that officially; but I am reading between the lines.

As reported by Controversial Times,

Youngstown Municipal Court Judge Robert Milich ruled that attorney Andrea Burton was in contempt of court. He ordered her to remove her Black Lives Matter pin, and she did not. So the gavel fell.

The sentence? Five days in jail. This is not all that uncommon for disobeying a judge’s order. And, because of the controversial nature of this decision, she has been released on a stay.  Her attorneys are appealing the decision. If she doesn’t wear the pin again in the court room, she may stay out of jail altogether.

I’m glad he jailed this racist moron. Needless to say, “civil rights” groups are fighting the ruling. Most say what this racist attorney did is freedom of speech. But you can bet if a white attorney wore the Confederate flag pin, they would scream like ban-chi monkeys.

It is refreshing to see a judge uphold the concept that justice is blind, and hold attorneys to that standard.

What’s scary is that many judges are a product of this new system of juris prudence. They couldn’t care less about the law. They would happily overlook that racist’s pin, and wink-wink, be down with the cause.





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