Lynch: Will Accept FBI Recommendations on Clinton

Conservative America has known how crooked the Democrats are, as they will do anything for power and fortune. They claim to fight greed, and to be for the little guy, when nothing could be further from the truth.

The recent developments with Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch only solidify that fact, so much so that even the most brain-dead Liberal (my apologies for  redundancy) can see that now.

Exactly how much evidence do the Democrats need in order to know that they have selected the biggest crook in political history as their candidate? Crooked Hillary Clinton is unchallenged in her criminality, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch knows this.

What’s more astounding than what crooked Hillary Clinton has done to ascend to power, is what she is willing to do to keep it!

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kevin-spacey-as-frank-underwood-on-house-of-cardsI watch show like “House of Cards,” where Hollyweird showcases the dirty underbelly of politics. As I watch these scandalous, murderous politicians, I can only think of people like Crooked Hillary. Do Liberals just see this as entertainment? Trust me, Hollywood has little imagination, as they need reality to write good stories. These shows are straight from The Clinton Chronicles.

Well documented are the people who have mysteriously died for being associated with the Clintons, the most recent victim being John Ashe. Any chance Loretta Lynch will look into that death. Then there are those willing to steal documents and perform other cover-ups. For example, remember when Samuel R. “Sandy” Berger, a former White House national security adviser plead guilty to a misdemeanor for intentionally removing and destroying copies of a classified document about the Clinton administration’s record on terrorism.

Even when the Clintons are caught, they don’t do mea culpas. When the Clintons are caught dead to right, they say things like,

“In retrospect I would have made a different decision.”

That’s what all criminals who get caught say. It’s a euphemism for “Next time I need to be more careful!”

Loretta Lynch is well aware that the Clintons are crooks. But politics trumps reason. That’s because the only way you can be a Democrat and look at yourself in the mirror is if you abandon reason, common sense, ethics, and morality. To be a Democrat you can have no soul.

Loretta Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton is a slap in the face of all of America. It was she and Bill Clinton showcasing that you can be too big for the law. Shortly thereafter, Lynch had no shame requesting that crooked Hillary Clinton’s emails not be viewable by the public for 27 months. What gall!

This move reminds me of the cop shooting coverup by Rahm Emanuel, a worse situation than Ferguson, but we all know the outcome in Chicago politics…business as usual. That’s not just The Chicago Way, it’s The Democrat Way.

The Left cover for each other with blatant disregard of law-abiding Americans who believe that nobody is about the law. Justice will prevail, right?

In a cover your ass move, we are now told that Attorney General Loretta Lynch will accept the decision of career prosecutors, investigators and FBI Director James Comey on whether to bring criminal charges in the ongoing investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state.

Another report by FOX News is that Lynch may actually step back from the investigation:

Under bipartisan fire following a private meeting with former President Clinton even as her Justice Department investigates Hillary Clinton over her secret email server, Attorney General Loretta Lynch will announce on Friday that she will defer to non-political subordinates on whether to bring charges against the likely Democratic presidential nominee.

Can we believe this means anything?

When you consider the outcome of the VA death list scandal, the IRS targeting Conservatives scandal, this move is just more smoke and mirrors. Susan Rice was promoted after the Benghazi debacle, so Liberals prove time and again that incompetence is a good thing in their book. Lynch is no exception. She’s a political animal, and has no interest in justice for all of America, but the selected class.



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