Man Who Assaulted Police Officer Is Admitted Terrorist

Most people don’t realize why traffic stops are so important in law enforcement. It’s because the bad guys usually use vehicles to get away. So does an admitted terrorist.

In the case of this story who knows what the suspect, an admitted terrorist was preparing to do.

According the report, the suspect was speeding away from Arlington police, when he is finally stopped. There is no telling what damage and mayhem might have been done had the police officer not been able to stop him.

After the vehicle is stopped, the man is immediately confrontational with the officer. He aggressively comes towards the officer and is tazed.

He removes the probes, and is tazed again, and finally a third time. Who knows if the man was on drugs, and therefore able to withstand three attempts to taze him.

Witnesses even tell the man to cooperate, but he doesn’t.  He resists the officer, and one witness commented that the officer could have come down harder on the man.

The man is an admitted terrorist. In his car the police found AK-47, the assault weapon of choice for the prepared jihadist. They also recovered a shotgun, and a hand gun.

Now the spin. Although the man offered that he is a terrorist, and had the weapons (certainly illegal, though not verified by me), the news reported that police are “skeptical of the claim.”

So a bearded Middle-Eastern-looking man with an AK-47, who claims to be a terrorist is met with skepticism? In a time when the world experiences multiple “lone wolf” attacks, and they don’t believe the guy.

I don’t buy it.

We live in a time when the media soft-shoes these types of stories. Perhaps the message was meant to be overlook, but I consider it subliminal. Even when somebody ADMITS to being a terrorist, we should simply dismiss it.

Were these the rants of a crazy man? Or was yet another lone wolf terror attack thwarted by law enforcement?

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