BLM Jubilant: Michigan Bailiffs Shooter Is White Man

The BLM movement supporters have never been so relieved in their despicable lives.  Tense moments awaited BLM, as they monitored news reports of the shooting left two Michigan bailiffs dead.

I picture these frauds watching as this story unfolds. They are in the situation room with their feckless leader, Barack Obama. The core team of Deray McKesson, Shaun King, Al Sharpton, and crooked Hillary Clinton watch the monitors with Obama. Eyes glued on MSNBC, as Obama waits for the news.

Meanwhile, interns sit at the ready, prepared to blow up social media with alternative narratives. If the shooter is black, spin-doctors will promote the shooter, as a “black caucasian.”

MSNBC reports:

An inmate snatched a deputy’s gun inside a southwestern Michigan courthouse and killed two bailiffs while he was handcuffed.

The deputy who was escorting Gordon is recovering in a hospital with injuries that aren’t life-threatening. A woman was also injured. Her name and condition weren’t immediately provided.

Hmm…not enough information.

Finally the moment they’ve all been waiting for comes.


The shooter is 45-year-old Larry Gordon. LARRY GORDON! Not Jamal DeQuan Johnson!

The shooter of two Michigan bailiffs is white! GORDON…LARRY GORDON!

Cheers filled the room! High fives, butt slaps, hugs and shugs everywhere as the jubilant Left celebrated the news.

Social media interns hit “SEND” on Twitter and Facebook to announce, the man who killed the deputies is a Confederate-flag-wearing member of the Tea Party who yelled “God, Guns, and Militia” while he committed the heinous act.

They then continued the narrative that the hate group known as BLM is a group of love. The tweets were:

“All BLM wants is justice!”

“BLM saves lives!”

“BLM makes black neighborhoods safer!”

If cops would just stop killing the roughly 200 blacks they kill each year, that would allow black Liberals to kill them ALL!


BLM will not stop until black people are the only people free to kill blacks are other blacks. Furthermore, BLM will not stop until blacks killing other people in disproportionate numbers is completely ignored by ALL Americans!


The Left was so relieved about Larry Gordon. It’s been a long time since the Left has relied on a white man for relief. A lot of them are thanking the white man who shot two Michigan bailiffs.




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