‘Moderate’ Muslims and Homosexuals

It’s amazing how the LGBT community plays deaf and dumb when it comes to Islam.

Kevin mentioned that he talked to a Lesbian woman, and she had no idea of the doctrines of Islam, and essentially believed the lies that Muslims want to “live and let live.”

The LGBT community demonizes Christianity, because of our stance on homosexuality. Yet they readily accept a religion that demands the death of the LGBT.

They believe there are moderate Muslims. What makes them moderate? I’d like moderate Muslims to explain their position on homosexuality to gays. It appears to be a secret.

Christians believe homosexuality is a sin. We admit this out loud. We don’t condone the lifestyle. But that’s it. For this, the LGBT community treats us like crap. They sue to force us to capitulate to their views, apparently believing this will change our views on sin.

Lying is a sin, and you won’t change Christians’ views on that either; or any of the other commandments.

So what we don’t want to bake cakes for gay weddings, weddings that technically can’t occur in Christian doctrine. There are plenty of places for gays to get their wedding cakes. Interestingly enough, at the baker’s shop who didn’t want to bake gays their wedding cake, he was happy to sell them other products. That little fact went unnoticed.

The man who didn’t want to have the gay wedding at his facility didn’t say gays couldn’t have a party there. He just didn’t believe in their marriage.

Contrast this with Muslims. First, the LGBT community has yet to challenge Muslims for the same issues for which they torment Christians. One can only guess as to why? Perhaps gays don’t want to rock the proverbial boat?

Muslims torment gays. They toss gays off buildings and stone them. With that approach, it’s no wonder Iran declared they had no gays. Death is certainly a deterrent.

It’s amazing the hypocritical double-standard gays have when it comes to Christianity versus Islam. As more and more “Orlandos” occur, gays will see that it’s Conservatives who will save their pansy asses. It’s high time they thanked us, and stopped acting like we are the enemy. Gays are in fact  more biased against the NOT Gay, than we are towards them.

Let’s hope soon the LGBT community plays deaf no longer

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