Only A Moron Would Support Hillary Clinton

The secret is out. Only a hardcore Leftist moron would support Hillary Clinton.

I welcome reformed Leftist to the real world, and promise not to say, “I told you so.”

For those who remain in the fast shrinking Hillary Clinton camp, you know that Hillary Clinton is likely the worst Democrat candidate in modern history. And that is saying a lot. Democrats have picked some jacked up people, including some who have won!

As for crooked Hillary Clinton, she’s a vile racist, for one. Next, she’s a misandrist–a hater of men.

I recently saw a headline that read: Paul Ryan defends support of Donald Trump

As if Ryan needs to defend his support of Trump. Incredulous what the media wants people to believe, the idea that Ryan needed to soul-search to finally support one of America’s most successful people, and the presumptive GOP nominee.

This narrative is the GOP is in disarray. Their convention is in shambles. Nobody wants Trump. They don’t want you to know that the GOP convention is in good hands, and the only disruption would be caused by paid Democrat operatives.

Truth be told–not that the media ever would–it is the DNC convention that has the potential for disruption. And not from mean-spirited Conservatives or Republicans, but from Liberals.

Democrats are not immune to Black Lives Matter protesters, even if they do feed the animals. Bernie people are livid, though by now most of those people are looking for their next meals.

In short, if anybody should defend their selection, it’s the brain-dead Leftists who continue to support Hillary Clinton

Take Debbie Wasserman Schulz who stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders (and everybody else) in order to get Hillary elected.

Barack Obama campaigned with a criminal. I realize that’s the Chicago Way, as they are all crooks, but still!

Bernie Sanders though his support crooked Hillary Clinton’s way recently. How does he reconcile his legitimate question of Hillary Clinton’s ethics, then support her? Defend that Bernie, and not with “We can not have Trump.”

Bernie chooses a corrupt, life-long politician over an accomplished citizen?

The media is running game on Conservatives. They want us to believe their lies. Let’s make sure we don’t fall for it.


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