Moderate Muslims Offended By F#ck ISIS Flag

You can trash American flags, even burn them, but don’t tread on Muslim, yes even the radical ones, like ISIS.

You can trash Christianity in the most vile ways. Outside of some outrage, most Americans chalk it up to freedom of speech, and not just for American or Christians. But when it comes to ISIS, the rules apparently change, particularly when one declares, “F#ck ISIS!”

The biggest offenders of trashing Western values and religions are not surprisingly non-Americans and non-Christians. But these very same people don’t dare defame Islam. And they don’t. They don’t dare offend Muslims, because these Leftist pansies around the world fear Muslims.

Muslims threaten to destroy anybody who “offends the prophet” (little p intended). That threat used to scare people, certainly non-Americans. However, the threat is less scary these days, as even Leftist pansies have learned: everything offends Muslims.

In the UK, offending Muslims–in this case the supposed “radical” version of them–got a Brit in trouble. According to Breitbart,

Police have charged Tommy Robinson, a PEGIDA UK organiser, with “inciting racial hatred against Muslims” after he was pictured with a flag with “F#ck ISIS” written on it, his lawyer has claimed.

The lawyer alleged in a statement that an application for a football banning order against Mr. Robinson was “brought on the basis of a harassment campaign” linked to his “high social media profile, and is associated with Pegida UK” and amounted to an attack on his “free speech”.

Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND), an “anti-Islamophobia” think tank with Islamist sympathies, said on Twitter that Mr. Robinson was “inciting hate” by mocking the genocidal terrorist group.

I’ll tell you what incites hate: when Muslims go around killing innocent people who aren’t Muslims!

And the Brits wonder why #Brexit happened?! Brits have tired of walking on eggshells, when it comes to their own identities. For decades now, they and others around the world have been told to accept Barbarians, and not to offend the same.

Well I join Tommy Robinson in saying, “F#ck ISIS!” They’d better keep their war off American shores, or they will find that we Americans aren’t the pansies they encounter in Europe and elsewhere.


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