Next Generation: Civil Rights Icons of BLM

In every city across this great country, black kids who want to be the next generation.

I’m not talking next generation brain surgeons or rocket scientists, like Ben Carson and Herman Cain respectively. No, there is a much more important role black kids can play, a new career path that is easier than getting a welfare check.

The job is race-pimping. There is more glamour in being a race pimp than being either of those careers I mentioned.

I posted a meme that read,

If you see Obama’s name on a building, you can know the HE DIDN’T BUILD IT.

The fact is Obama is good at nothing, except taking advantage of situations that allowed him to rise to the position of Race Pimp in Chief.

Right now in this country, the Left consider Donald Trump a moron–a man who built a fortune, and is one of America’s most celebrated citizens. Yet a man who has built nothing, Obama is revered.

Prior to 2008, far more people knew Donald Trump in Bentonville, Arkansas then who knew Obama worldwide. That’s because Obama was a do-nothing small time senator from Illinois.

Nothing has changed except Obama’s title.

Consider “community organizing” with Trump versus Obama. What neighborhood would you like to live in? Nevertheless, the Left has undying adulation for Obama?

Obama represents what you can become in America, if you do nothing but complain about everything. Barack Obama is the Founding Father of BLM.

BLM is a terrorist hate-group, built on fraud is terrorizing America. As I write today, they plan “Day of Rage.” They wish to scare America into submission. For the record, the Brits tried it, and got their asses kicked. It won’t be any different for BLM.

This terrorist group disrespect the death of give Dallas police trying to protect them. And what for?

These morons shut down freeways, based on what evidence begins to suggests were legitimate shootings in both the Sterling and Castile cases. Moreover, BLM protests in Baton Rouge Louisiana, in order to promote a new Civil Rights ICON, on Alton Sterling.

A pedophile, drug dealer, deadbeat dad has certainly lowered the bar of black Civil Rights icon. If left to Liberals, America may one day celebrate Michael Brown Day or Alton Sterling Day.

In a recent discussion of BLM, Marc Lamont Hill explained what the group stand for. He said BLM is about justice, peace, and togetherness. He said that the shooting of young black men by police represented institutionalized racism. His ideas were based on the now debunked Ferguson narratives, and the quickly fading narratives of both Sterling and Castile.

Hill said that although Darren Wilson was completely cleared of wrongdoing, the THREE emails they found in Ferguson’s police department showcased “systematic racism.” Three emails. Marc Lamont Hill spews more racism in on CNN segment, than the entire Ferguson police department.

Interestingly, Hill NEVER brings up the situation in Chicago where Rahm Emanuel covers up a police shooting of a black man. That situation was a blatant cover-up.

Hill’s solution to the “cop problem” was to demilitarize the police. He called the shooting of blacks, a “moral failure of police”, and went on to accuse some police of terrorism. But it’s the “system, ” and not the admitted 99 percent of good cops. If even one cop goes rogue, the system is to blame.

In other words, there is no way to win…unless you are black.

The next generation of blacks need to either upend the system, or they will simply be victims of it.

The system Hills speaks of is as follows:

  • Democrat Black president
  • Democrat Black Attorney General
  • Black and/or Democrat Mayors
  • Black and/or Democrat City Councils
  • Black and/or Democrat Police Chiefs
  • Black and/or mostly Democrat (union) cops
  • Black and/or mostly Democrat voters

I can certainly see how this system has created a real problem for blacks.



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