Nice Attack: You Knew It Was Muslims

A Nice attack by radical Islamist. On Bastille Day. One might think Hillary Clinton was in charge of the security of France. “Quelle différence cela fait, Hillary?”

Indeed! What difference does it make, Hillary? As with Benghazi, the warning signs were ignored. All we’re missing is a dead ambassador and some stooge with a video camera to blame.

The warning signs for a potential radical Islamist attack these days are pretty simple. How about living in a non-Muslim country, and enjoying life on a BIG HOLIDAY!

Muslims need no reason to attack infidels, it’s just who they are. The miserable lot want Sharia compliance…period.

Hardly a person exists who didn’t hear of this attack and say, “Another radical Islamist attack in France!” Sure, the Left will pretend they are all politically correct, immune from “jumping to conclusion” (expect when cops shoot black people), and racial or other profiling.

Any Leftist who claims that he or she didn’t think, “Muslim” lies through the teeth. How long has it been since the last radical Islamist attack? Not long for even Leftists to forget that Islamists are evil.

Barack Obama has learned his lesson about delaying a response. He immediately condemned the Nice attack; of course with no mention of the radical Muslims of Islam.

US President Barack Obama has condemned “in the strongest terms” what he said “appears to be a horrific terrorist attack” in Nice, France.

Thankfully, Obama condemns this attack in the “strongest terms.” Here I thought he would only use his “ordinary” words. Obama went on to reinforce his rhetoric on Twitter, where he offered assistance to French officials to investigate and “bring those responsible to justice”.

Wow. Obama will bring those responsible to justice. I just hope it’s not the justice America got with crooked Hillary Clinton?

Finally, Barack Obama has become excellent at something: condemning attacks.

I’ve not kept count, but I suggest to you that Obama has condemned more attacks than all the white presidents combined. Whether its school shootings, black deaths, cop deaths, or Muslim attacks, Obama has made a cottage industry out of condemning attacks.

Ok, so he never actually condemns those who commit the attacks, but he does take baby steps.

In the Nice attack, it’s been reported that over 50 children were hurt, and at least two have died. The entirety of the attack has over 80 people killed with many others injured. The murdering terrorist rammed a heavy truck at high speed into a crowd, as the revelers watched Bastille Day fireworks in the French Riviera city of Nice.

France has barely had time to heal from the ISIS attack of eight months ago that killed 130 people.



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