How People of Dallas Really Feel About Police [Video]

At The Black Sphere, we believe in the greatness of America. That greatness of America shows in the greatness of our people. In the video we see how the people of Dallas really feel about police.

Despite the Left’s demonization of police every day in their attempt to make the police a hate group, true Americans see through the false narratives.

In the aftermath of the hate-crime shooting by the Black Lives Matter zealot, there were many tears. America was attacked. 12 families were attacked. 5 families undoubtedly changed forever.

The media and other Leftist organizations promote that the police are pariahs, hated by blacks. That’s just not true. The outpouring of love and support for the police has been overwhelming.

In the video, people lined up to hug police officers in Dallas, Texas. They thanked them for their service, and expressed their very real sorrow for the loss of the fine men who died protecting a fraud group like BLM.

We see how the people of a community hurting really feel about police. One can easily sense the raw emotions, as the community hugs the people who provide protection.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) frauds have been hugging police in some areas of the country, but that’s a front. I actually wish the police would not allow that. This is BLM using the police, so they can later say they reached out to police.

You can bet in the next shooting of a black man, BLM will claim that despite their outreach, the police want black men dead.

America should be tired of the Leftist games. These groups–like Occupy Wall Street, for example– would be laughable if lives weren’t at stake. What BLM does hurts police. And it hurts the black community more.

Children are raised with no respect for the law, and we see it daily in society. Criminals are younger and younger. Leftists can pretend not to see how out of control teenagers have become, but their out of control behaviors are on full display. These are not bad kids necessarily. However, they are kids who had no training on how to live civilized in a civilized society.

As the Dallas police chief said, [pp] “The police are being asked to do too much.”

Police cannot parent society, they just enforce laws. And for their efforts, they deserve respect.



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