Personal With Judge Jeanine

I was on Judge Jeanine recently, in what was my second appearance. My first turned a bit acrimonious, as Judge Jeanine is a huge Trump fan, and I offered my issues at the time with Trump.

I have never swayed in my opinions or assessments, as they were honest. Despite Trump not being my choice, per se, I said that I would support the winning candidate. I do support Trump. In a way, the judge and I kissed and made up.

I was asked to come on the show again, based on all is happening with #BLM. Specifically, the murder in Dallas of five police officers sparked the type of controversy that unfortunately puts me in the media.

I called #BLM what it is: a hate group. They want to disassociate themselves from the escalated shootings of police officers all around the country, but I won’t let them. The blood of those officers in on their hands of #BLM, Barack Obama, and anyone stupid enough to support either…or both.

My problem with BLM? It was formed on a lie. Bad stats for sure; misrepresented stats as well.

The organization remains a lie. It’s funded by criminals who are in the business of creating problems where none exists. It’s making icons of idiots.

Back to the judge.

Normally when doing a “hit” (that’s what it’s called in “the biz”) on FOX News, the producers let me know the topic. Since I didn’t get a topic per my normal process, I figured I would discuss the Dallas shooting. I had discussed it on the other shows, so to add the same content to the judge’s show wouldn’t be difficult.

About 30 seconds from going live, Judge Jeanine comes into my headset, and introduces herself. Apparently she’d forgotten my aforementioned first appearance on her show.

Anyway, she asked me what I wanted to talk about.

I was surprised. By then usually the producer would have provided some idea of topic. This time; nothing.

I answered, “The stats.”

I then gave Judge Jeanine a few stats. She informed that her staff had trouble finding any reliable stats.

She then asked about my background, and I quickly replied that I grew up poor, and still live in the hood. Ten seconds later, we were live.

The video you watched is the result of that short meeting.

I liked the format, as it is more raw. I’m learning from others that Judge Jeanine’s style is that way. It was a fun segment.




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