Cops at Risk: Police Shootings Are Related

In case you’re wondering if the police shootings are related, check out these stories.

First, I reported on the shooting of a police officer in the St. Louis area. He stopped a motorist, and got shot in the neck. He remains in critical condition.

On the same day, I read another report of someone shooting at a police officer; this one in Georgia.

In Georgia, authorities say a man opened fire on a police officer in Valdosta Friday morning.

The officer was wounded, as was the shooter.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokesman Scott Dutton says one of the shots hit the officer in the abdomen, just below his protective vest.

Other shots hit the officer’s vest.

Both men are expected to survive.

Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress said the officer was shot “multiple times” but is going to be fine.

The suspect was not identified. Childress would not discuss a possible motive.

Dutton said it’s early in the investigation, but there’s nothing to indicate that the shooting was related to the ambush of police officers in Dallas.

Further, an attack occurred on a police officer in TN. These “Obama-inspired” police shootings are related…period. Police are being targeted and in record numbers in America, and it will only get worse.

Consider the top trending notion by #BLM crowd who celebrated on social media the shooting of the Dallas police officers (or any officer).

I wonder in the wake of the tragedy in Dallas if the Leftists still believe the police should not be “militarized.” While the murderers fired what appeared to be automatic assault weapons, the police for all intents threw rocks. It took a bomb to kill the main perpetrator. {Yes, I believe there were others.}

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. As I commented on FOX News, since Obama shirked his responsibilities in Ferguson, thugs shooting cops has escalated. Had Obama taken a more firm stance, thereby emboldening the police, crime in Americas cities would be lower. Further, police would be exponentially less at risk than they currently are.

The police shootings are not coordinated, but they are undoubtedly related. The police shootings all revolve around Liberalism.

The lack of support the police get from Barack Obama, the Department of Justice, and mayors in cities all across the country amazes even the casual observer.

You can bet that the police nor the sane public will sit idly by, as police officers are gunned down for simply doing their jobs.



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