Race-Baiting Dinner Bell Rings in Baton Rouge

Update: Alton Sterling did have a gun:

The race-baiting dinner bell rang in Baton Rouge Louisiana, as another black man, Alton Sterling was killed by cops.

For the race-baiting Leftist, no more of the story need be told. For them, the cops killed a black man, which is par for the course.

This story is a tragedy of monumental proportions, and it should not have happened. But as with all things, the story deserves more than a headline.

As reported by The Daily News,

It’s happened again.

Chilling cell phone video surfaced Tuesday of two Louisiana cops killing a 37-year-old man selling music outside a Baton Rouge convenience store after an anonymous caller claimed he had a gun.

The police gunfire sparked impassioned protests that continued past midnight outside the store — 24 hours after authorities shot Alton Sterling during a fatal 12:35 a.m. encounter. More than 100 demonstrators shouting “no justice, no peace” clogged the street, setting off fireworks and blocking an intersection to protest Sterling’s death.

The grim 48-second cell phone video of the killing outside Triple S Food Mart shows two police officers tackling and wrestling a heavy-set man in a red shirt against the hood of a car before throwing him to the pavement.

I’m not sure who the “anonymous caller” was, but when you tell cops somebody has a gun, they come with a mindset of serious danger. You can bet that people will blame the cops. But a situation that should be approached with understanding from all perspectives, will be demagogued.

Alton Sterling will go on the short list of blacks shot by cops erroneously. And what should be a tragedy, an accident based on bad information, will now be the next “Michael Brown” story.

Soon you will hear black race-pimps from all over the country amping up the volume on this story, looking for their paydays. #BLM will be out in force, completely neglectful of the 66 people shot and 4 killed in Chicago only a few days earlier. Or the 4 people killed in St. Louis during the same time frame.

Cop shootings of blacks sell. They sell newspapers, and ad spots for MSNBC and other Leftist media outlets. Further, cops shootings of blacks sell narratives. The narrative of oppression sells faster than almost any product these days. Cops shootings of blacks is the race-baiting dinner bell.

You can hardly find anybody black or white who can tell you the last white person shot by a cop. What about the last Hispanic? Asian? But black racists study the names of the handful of blacks who have been killed by the police, rightly or wrongly. Nobody knows or cares; because there’s no money in those equally tragic circumstances.

Update: It turns out that Alton Sterling did have a gun. The sad part of this story is Sterling likely needed to carry a gun, because of the neighborhood he lived in. 


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