Race Pimp and Founder of Hate Group Deray McKesson Arrested

Race pimp Deray McKesson arrested and has since been released.

Famous for engendering the racist hate-group known as Black Lives Matter, Deray McKesson won’t drop the narrative.

Despite recently acquiring a cushy job ($165,000 salary) as a Human Resources contact for the worst school district in Baltimore, McKesson still has time for community terrorizing. As it turns out, community terrorizing is allowed. Race pimping trumps real jobs.

I’m not sure who could start a new job, then ask for the time off to travel to a “hot spot,” and get arrested. Moreover, how to you keep your job under those circumstance. Apparently that’s how Liberals do things.

It seems the administrators of the school district in Baltimore that pay McKesson some phat cheddar don’t mind his side gig as the founder of a hate group and terrorist organization.

Thus, McKesson traveled into the storm. Red Stick (Baton Rouge) Louisiana.

McKesson visited in order to insure that justice was served, raw and spoiled. Baton Rouge cops had shot an armed black man who apparently was menacing patrons. This called for DefCon1: Get McKesson arrested.

The black phone rang in the Black Cave. McKesson answered, received instructions, and was dispatched. McKesson would correct the wrong against a black man in Red Stick.

Deray arrested - ZoolanderDeray arrested - Product placement Deray arrested - Strike a poseDressed in skinny jeans and orange tennis shoes, McKesson landed in the hotbed of racial tension and police brutality. He entered the Town Car awaiting his arrival, and the driver sped McKesson to the Black Zone. Does anybody find it ironic that a man who is supposed to fear the police constantly finds himself among them?

McKesson would meet with police, carefully. He surveyed the situation, looking for inconsistencies only a professional race pimp can see.

Eventually McKesson had seen enough. He had to act.

“Hello Officer. I’m a race pimp, and just flew in to get some credibility. Would it be possible for me to get you guys to arrest me, so that my photographer can get a glamour shot?”

Happily, the police obliged, and McKesson arrested. Here are McKesson’s latest modeling shots for his portfolio of injustice.

McKesson was taken into custody around 11 p.m. However, he was promptly released back to Barbazon Modeling at 11:02 p.m., and back on a plane to his lovely friend of Soros-funded home in Baltimre.

Our team decided to have a bit of fun with Deray Memes, so here are a couple. Let us know your thoughts on funny McKesson memes, by commenting.

UPDATED: 7/16/16 Deray and others will not be prosecuted according to the Washington Post

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