Political Death of Power-Hungry Democrats

Admittedly, it’s nice to know that people know your work. That said, I have no idea what Pancaldi looks like, but I love his ties.

That’s how I see what I do. If I could do my work in obscurity and people trust my work, that’s reward enough for me. What I’ve witnessed from my interaction with politicos and their derivatives is the lust for power. They crave recognition, which almost always leads to their political death.

Such is Adam Gopnik of The New Yorker. He believes himself to be better than Trump. He believes so not because of his accomplishments, but due to his pedigree. For Gopnik, Trump is a Neaderthal, unworthy of ink.

Gopnik writes,

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What is genuinely alarming is the urge, however human it may be, to normalize the abnormal by turning toward emotions and attitudes that are familiar. To their great credit, the editors of most of the leading conservative publications in America have recognized Trump for what he is, and have opposed his rise to power. Yet the habit of hatred is so ingrained in their psyches that even those who recognize at some level that Trump is a horror, when given the dangling bait of another chance to hate Hillary still leap at it, insisting on her “criminality” at the very moment when it’s officially rejected, and attempting to equate this normal politician with an abnormal threat to political life itself. They do this, in part, to placate their readership. In the so-called mainstream (call it liberal) media, meanwhile, the election is treated with blithe inconsequence, as another occasion for strategy-weighing. The Times, to take one example, ran a front-page analysis criticizing Trump for being insufficiently able to exploit a political opening given by the investigation into Clinton’s e-mail, with the complaint seeming to be that Trump just isn’t clever enough to give us a good fight—to be the fun opponent we want. If only he had some more skill at this! While the habits of hatred get the better of the right, the habits of self-approval through the fiction of being above it all contaminate the center.

Interesting how Gopnik speaks of “conservative publications,” yet he references the New York Times. He called the newspaper by its more colloquial term, The Times, connoting familiarity. He is familiar with Liberal drivel, which is why the comment is interestingly disingenuous.

The Times is far from conservative. And his argument that crooked Hillary Clinton’s “criminality” has officially rejected showcases his personal delusion, that her criminality has not been publicly rejected.

Hillary Clinton’s baggage is real. Leftists and #NeverTrump folks need to question “divine intervention,” given the timely jewels Trump receives so often.

Whether it’s radical Islamic attacks on the heels of a Trump statement about halting Muslim immigration, or an illegal kills a beautiful white Liberal woman after Trump has talked about how tall his wall will be, Trump certainly seem prophetic. And his timing is impeccable.

Yet, as the writer put it, “Trump is a horror.”

He goes on,

A certain number of the disengaged insist that Trump isn’t really as bad as all that. And there may indeed be another universe in which Donald Trump is one more blowhard billionaire with mixed-up politics but a basically benevolent heart, a Ross Perot type, or perhaps more like Arnold Schwarzenegger, preaching some confused combination of populism and self-help and doomed to flounder when he comes to power. This would not be the worst thing imaginable. Unfortunately, that universe is not this one. Trump is unstable, a liar, narcissistic, contemptuous of the basic norms of political life, and deeply embedded among the most paranoid and irrational of conspiracy theorists. There may indeed be a pathos to his followers’ dreams of some populist rescue for their plights. But he did not come to political attention as a “populist”; he came to politics as a racist, a proponent of birtherism.

He calls those who have tired of politics as usual, and who refuse to vote for the criminal as “disengaged.”

Again, interesting given the political intelligence of the Leftist voter. These are the people lampooned in “man-on-the-street” videos who don’t know who the Vice President is.

Gopnik is stuck on the politics of relics. He hangs on Trump’s every word, and references the nonsense. He ignores the reality. As Hillary Clinton withers daily, Gopnik ignores the fact that Democrats are 20 percent down in numbers, while Republicans are 60 percent up. The Democrats are down, despite the fervor over their turncoat socialist. He’s the man who raised the ire of the voters to the crooked politics of the Left, only to succumb to them himself. Sanders managed to get millions of people to hate Hillary Clinton, eventually hate him, and do the job Republicans pay millions to do: get Democrats to stay home.

Trump on the other hand received more votes than any Republican in history, and he got less than half. That’s a lot of room for growth. Not bad for a, how did he put it? Unstable, liar, narcissistic, contemptuous of the basic norms of political life?

There are no more basic norms of political life. But as Hillary Clinton and the Left will soon find out, there are basic norms of the political death.


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