Schultz-Clinton: Rich Housewives of San Quentin

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Clinton should be starring in Rich Housewives of San Quentin after their crooked dealings.

Talk about an inauspicious beginning to what was to be the coronation of a new king. Despite the WikiLeaks bombshell, the Democrats tried to act like it was “business as usual” at their convention. The problem is, it was business as usual.

As we learned, hours before Wasserman-Schultz was to gavel in the Democratic National Convention, the Florida congresswoman was met by raucous activists, who had discovered the collusion between Wasserman-Schultz and crooked Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks revealed that Wasserman-Schultz heavily favored Hillary Clinton over her now vanquished rival Bernie Sanders. The level of corruption surprised even the most ardent Democrat, as email after email detailed how the DNC would go after Sanders.

Though Sanders suspected the malfeasance was happening, he appeared all too eager to let bygones be bygones. This raised red flags, as many believe Sanders had been bought off. According to WikiLeaks, he has.

Ironically, Sanders is not being held accountable. Activists jeered Wasserman-Schultz, but seem content that Sanders has move the party Left of Lenin. It appears that communism has found an even better foothold in the Democrat Party.

Wasserman-Schultz’s future may not be quite so bright.

At the pre-opening meeting at the convention she pleaded, “We have to make sure that we move together in a unified way!”

Many Sanders delegates would walk out; others we learned were prevented from returning. Subsequently, a few scaled the wall in an attempt to get back into the convention center, but were arrested.

This caused Donald Trump to tweet:

If you jump the wall at the Democrat convention, you go to jail. If you jump the border illegally to America, you get invited to speak at the Democrat convention.

The raucous Democrat convention was easy to predict, because the Democrats brought this on themselves. They said that Republican convention would be a disaster, with protest after protest. Ultimately there would be a fight on the floor between Ted Cruz and Trump. And if that didn’t work, Romney or another white knight would lead a 3rd party charge. None of that happened. The Republican convention went off with barely a glitch.

Kevin Jackson reported that people had sold their floor passes for as much as $9,000. Contrast that with the Democrats advertising for people to fill the seats. Last count, they needed 700 people, and were willing to pay.

The Craigslist ad proposed $50 per day, I believe. If that’s the case, it’s not minimum wage, nor does it come close to the “hazard pay,” one should get for sitting through that drivel.

Perhaps WikiLeaks will tell us who footed that bill?

Regardless, the good news is that 700 homeless Philadelphians got to eat for a couple of nights courtesy of the Democrats; scratch that…taxpaying conservatives.

Let’s hope the outcome of the union of crooked Debbie and Crooked Hillary gets us the new show: Rich Housewives of San Quentin.


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