Trust: Hillary Clinton Has A Guilt Problem

The Left wants to promote that it is we who have the problem, despite Hillary Clinton’s guilt problem.

Hillary is crooked; likely the most crooked politician in modern American history. The Left wants to change this, fast. They know they must, or Hillary Clinton will forever have a guilt problem.

We simply don’t trust Hillary Clinton, and rightfully so. Donald Trump was quick to seize on this, giving Hillary Clinton the well-deserved moniker of “crooked Hillary.”

One article I read was titled, “Can Hillary Clinton Overcome Here Trust Problem?”

The facts are clear: Hillary Clinton is not to be trusted. Don’t take my word for it, ask Ambassador Chris Ste…former HUD Secretary Ron Br…former UN Secretary John As…oh nevermind!

Listen to Hillary Clinton speak, and her candidacy is not about America. It’s all about her. She has spent the better part of the last two years playing cover-up.

Clinton talks of the historical nature of the first woman presidency, as if no other presidency will be historic. All presidential elections are all historic. First black, oldest, youngest, Catholic, metrosexual, woman, black woman, Hispanic, midget; you get the point. All we should care about is competence, which Hillary Clinton sorely lacks.

Most of Clinton’s references are about what being president will do for her. She disguises her fanatical pursuit of power as, “I’m doing it for the little people.” Then why do the little people have nothing show for it?

For example, how does a person running a non-profit amass as much money as she and her family has? The world knows that Hillary Clinton and her criminal enterprise known as The Clintons care as much as the poor, as a hungry rattlesnake does a rat.

So now the new pitch for Hillary Clinton is to overcome the “trust” issue. After all, Hillary IS trustworthy, right? RIGHT?!

The “trust” campaign is not the first of the “Let’s remake Hillary Clinton” aka “How do we stop people from knowing Hillary is a bitch” campaign.

Remember the “Bossy” campaign. That campaign was launched preemptively. The DNC knew that Hillary Clinton would be their candidate, and they knew Hillary Clinton’s very deserved reputation as a bitch. They dropped the campaign once they figured out there simply was no changing the perception or the reality.

They moved to the “motherly” campaign. This campaign tried to present the softer side of Hillary Clinton, as a wife and grandmother. That rebranding didn’t work, because Clinton is all metal on all sides. Put another way, nobody cares is as lovable as a pet cobra.

Ironically, it was during this time somebody actually threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton at one event. She quickly put a moratorium on speaking engagements, because she didn’t want to actually get hit.

The next and fairly recent campaign positioned Clinton as the “adult” in the conversation. This campaign alluded that Donald Trump was a petulant child. They’ve now abandoned this campaign, since the typical Democrat voter doesn’t know what an adult looks like. Democrat voters are little more than children themselves, and far too many of them speak of “crooked Hillary.”

The Democrats have pulled out all the stops, and they still can’t get crooked Hillary over the hump. Blacks don’t like her, at least not like they like most Democrats. Women aren’t buying that Hillary saved them. Millennials? See “Blacks.”

Nobody trusts Hillary Clinton, because she’s not trustworthy. When she’s explaining how she was shot at in her plane, she’s giving excuses for her foreign policy record. Excuse after excuse, followed by “I would have done things differently in retrospect.”

Too bad we all don’t have do overs, easy buttons, a complicit media, and a partner in crime who sits in the highest office in America. Hillary Clinton has a guilt problem.

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