WORLD’S GREATEST ATHLETE Understands Trump’s Vision of America [VIDEO]

WORLD’S GREATEST ATHLETE Understands Trump’s Vision of America [VIDEO]

In a time when Democrats disrespect America for sport, Usain Bolt proves that the American Spirit is alive and well; and he’s Jamaican.

Usain Bolt knew where to find the American flag, the physical manifestation noticeably missing from the Democrats’ anti-American convention. So when Bolt hears the National Anthem, he does this.

I have seen many Americans, particularly blacks, do nothing when the national anthem plays. Yet, a Jamaican sprinter has the class to stop an interview, and pay tribute to Americans.

Welcome a new Usaniac!

As for the DNC convention, their excuse for no flags was provided here:

The six flag poles on top of the Philadelphia City Hall are bare Thursday morning. One city official who asked not to be named told The Daily Caller that the U.S flags typically atop the City Hall flagpoles have been moved to the Democratic National Convention stage.

Lauren Hitt, communications director for the City of Philadelphia, told TheDC that the flags were taken down for “safety reasons.”

“We took them down for safety reasons. Every time we needed to lower them to half-staff, we needed to get a roofer down here who would then have to use 2 ladders to get to where the flags were. Given the thunderstorms, expected flash floods and extreme heat we’ve experienced this week, we didn’t feel it was safe,” she said.

Digital flagThe Democrats claim there were flags there. Furthermore, they had a color guard, too.

They were quick to point out their DIGITAL flags.

Leave it to Liberals to showcase their patriotism with changeable technology.

For Democrats, the flag is merely a prop. They don’t care about what it stands for. They use it like they use everything else; for votes.

Democrats pretend to love the country they want to change. However, it’s not change anybody can believe in. But instead, change that doesn’t work.

Usain Bolt and billions of people around the world don’t want America to change. They understand what America means to the world. A changed America means a more cruel world. Moreover, a changed America is a less safe and prosperous world.


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