Another Crooked Hillary Clinton Bread Crumb

Hillary Clinton and her family are criminals. All you need to do is follow the bread crumbs.

The Clintons run a criminal enterprise that should have been shut down by now, if it weren’t for the number of crooked Democrats exposure would take down. There are plenty of bread crumbs that lead to the obvious conclusion of pay-to-play.

They are brazen, in fact.

Email after email we find deal after deal these people were involved in. Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were to become president (she won’t), she would NEVER represent American, but only her self-interest. Everything is for sale with the Clintons. They won’t even release Bill Clinton’s calendar, a requirement by the State Department, in order to maintain transparency.

As Joe for America reports, we have yet another of the many bread crumbs.

Shortly after Hillary Clinton left the Obama administration, the State Department quietly took steps to purchase real estate in Nigeria from a firm whose parent company is owned by a major donor to the Clinton Foundation, records obtained by Fox News show.
On March 20, 2013, William P. Franklin, an “international realty specialist” at the State Department, emailed Mary E. Davis, an American diplomat stationed in Africa, instructing her to “put on Post letterhead” an “expression of interest” by the department in purchasing property at Eko Atlantic, a massive real estate development off the coast of Lagos. Franklin further instructed that the signed letter was to be “delivered to Ronald Chagoury.”
The draft letter, also obtained by Fox News, was undated and addressed to Chagoury care of his firm South Energyx Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of the larger Chagoury Group that is spearheading the Eko Atlantic real estate venture. The State Department letter sought, among other things, to confirm that the department could proceed with “acquisition of the real property…[at]the asking price of $1,250 per square meter.”

Go here to find out how tangled this web has been weaved.

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