Bill Clinton’s Racism Problem

Bill Clinton’s racism problem has reared its ugly head, again.

The Clinton’s are racists. In fact, they are the worst kind, since they know how to use race in their favor. In this case, Bill Clinton’s racism has undoubtedly bitten him in his fish-belly white butt cheeks.

As reported by Truth Feed,

However, speaking of actual RACISM, Hillary’s husband, accused rapist Bill Clinton, paid $20,000 to join an all-white golf club in Arkansas.

He tried to brush it off, acting as if it was a “one-time” thing on the fly.

“A guy asked me to play nine holes of golf,” he [Bill Clinton] said on Friday. “It was the only place we had time to play. I should not have done it.”


Here’s the TRUTH: Clinton paid $20,000 in initiation fees and a $150 monthly fee for the “privilege” of playing in a white-only club.

He also tried to claim he did not know the club’s “ALL-WHITE POLICY.”

If you believe THAT, I have about 33 thousand “YOGA” emails you can read.

In addition, she and Bill Clinton referred to this man, Robert Byrd, as a “friend” and “mentor.”

Nice job, Truth Feed. Excellent snark on the 33 thousand “YOGA” emails! Touche!

The Left will forever try to convince Conservatives that we are racists. They are the racists, and you MUST let them know it. Don’t sweet talk it either. YELL at them, “YOU ARE THE RACIST!” and watch them run!

As for Bill Clinton’s “fleeting moment” with racism, as he said when he eulogized KKK Democrat Robert Byrd, let’s just forgive Bill. He know not what he doeth. He just joined to club to “get elected.” He needed to fit in with the good ol’ boy racist Democrats in Arkansas.

Consider the Democrat politics of Arkansas, as you ponder who the Clintons really are.

Bill Clinton’s defense will be that he never lynched a black man, publicly. He may have watched a lynching or two, but he didn’t pull the rope.

“I didn’t inhale.”


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