Black Congresswoman Evicted

How does the well-heeled Negro woman handle her bills? She just doesn’t pay them. And that’s what got this black Congresswoman evicted.

My color is my currency didn’t work?

So who is this jewel of the Congressional Black Circus? The Daily Caller reports

Democratic Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence apparently hasn’t been paying the rent on her Washington, D.C., apartment, and has been hit with an eviction lawsuit.

The Daily Caller News Foundation was tipped off by a neighbor, who noticed the court summons posted to Lawrence’s door Aug. 2. The summons requests her appearance in D.C. Superior Court Aug. 8 for a hearing.

How embarrassing for a well-paid Congresswoman to not pay her bills. Instead of stiffing some poor landlord, why didn’t she make adjustments? Live with a friend or a roommate. Find a cheaper place, instead of trying to live above her means.

It’s not like Lawrence doesn’t understand a budget. After all, she served as the Mayor of Southfield, Michigan from 2001 to 2015. Mayor’s earn from $44,800 to $79,200. That’s likely not bad money for Southfield, MI. But Lawrence got a BIG bump, since her congressional salary is $174,000.

Lawrence was elected as the U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 14th congressional district after winning the seat in the 2014 elections, so she’s had this $100,000+ bump for over two years. I realize that DC is a lot more expensive than Southfield, MI, but $100,000 goes a long way, even in DC.

What is the deal with these Liberal politicians in general, and black politicians specifically? They don’t care about paying bills. They all seem to believe that money is endless, when in fact it is not.

What next? Will she be among those who bounce checks or abuse the Congressional credit cards?

Can you imagine what the landlord did to try not to have this Congresswoman evicted? The angst he must have felt, given the power these frauds wield.

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