Black Lives Matter Protester Meltdown

A BLM protester meltdown occurs on a man after she stalks him.

Watch as this women acts like a jungle cat, as she gets closer and closer to the man being interviewed. Then the BLM protester meltdown happens.

After invading his private space and life, BLM protester and community organizer, Zarna Joshi then becomes the victim.

She videotapes him, as he exercises his God-given rights of free speech to speak on an issue at the Seattle city council meeting. She decides that she doesn’t like the content of what he said, and begins to question him.

The man asks if she’d like his name, and she then asks, “What is your name?”

The man replied, “Hugh Mongous.”

After the name sank in, the woman started to freak. Apparently “Hugh” needed to give her a trigger warning about his name.

I’m just glad the guy wasn’t my old childhood friend, “Hugh G. Rection.” My “buddy” would have made a great sidekick for the other “Hugh.”

Apparently the Leftist stalker couldn’t take a joke. Most Liberals can’t or they would be laughing at themselves…all the time. So the brain-dead moron woman then decided to become the victim of her interloping into “Hugh’s” world, as she claimed sexual harassment.

She didn’t inquire about sexual harassment, she just said he’d done it.

That’s how Liberalism works. They encroach, create problems, then try to become the victims. This woman was no victim. She is in fact the perpetrator.

She’s a Dorothy Do-Gooders who believes she’s helping blacks with her protests. She buys into BLM not because she believes it. She buys in, because she believes that buying in gives her moral high ground. Generally these are the very people who need a morality check-up.

One of the most amazing feats of race-pimping is the ability of black Leftists to get so many enabling white lunatics to go for their nonsense.

I’m glad to see people like this man attend city council meetings. We need MANY MORE voices of Conservatism out there doing the same thing.



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