BLM Leader Beat His Girlfriend

A BLM leader beat his girlfriend. Yes, another of Obama’s stellar family members.

Why did Joseph Kyles, Memphis BLM leader beat his girlfriend? Because she didn’t want to abort their baby.

According to police, the woman who was 13 weeks pregnant was choked by Kyle. Reports are that when his girlfriend didn’t want to get an abortion, Kyle became enraged.

I’m sure this case offers a real quandary for the Left. They are after all pro-abortion. I’m not sure if they would agree with the tactic instituted by Kyle, as it appears he wanted to abort both the woman and the unborn child.

That may fall under misogyny, ergo feminists might disagree with his approach. Hold on, before you agree.

Kyles could have been Muslim. So in that case, he would get a pass from the Left, as he may have been implementing Sharia Law on his girlfriend. The fact that she resisted means she deserves a good beating, perhaps even a stoning!?


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