BLM Thugs: Ice Cream Truck Owner Attacked

Wonder why black business people are reluctant to service black neighborhoods. Watch how these black thugs beat an ice cream truck owner.

Sure, black lives matter. A black ice cream truck owner, an entrepreneur provides a service to the black community only to get treated like this?! BLM talks about being there for black people, but as the video indicates, they lie.

Details of the story come from Fox 13 in Memphis:

A man driving an ice cream truck was attacked by three suspects outside the Bella Vista Apartments.

The police reports says the suspects robbed Mamadou Bah, 54, of 480 dollars and then beat him.

Police said the incident happened around 7:20 p.m. on Tuesday..

Officers were told three males assaulted the victim. He was transported to a local hospital in non-critical condition.

People at the scene are under the impression that Bah had committed a crime. FOX13 investigation found there have been no criminal charges filed against the victim.

MPD is working to identify the suspects who they believe live in the apartments.

No arrests have been made at this point.

No arrest will be made, either.

When I was a kid, the ice cream man coming through the neighborhood was considered a real treat. I can’t recall any neighborhood not having the ice cream man. When we heard his music, we came running to this van. There were times I couldn’t get an ice cream, but I loved the feeling. Every now and then the man would feel sorry for one of the kids and give an ice cream away.

Let’s just say the days of the ice cream man visiting black neighborhoods is likely over.

Another sad reality is we can’t trust that the ice cream man is as good as his icy cold treats. For all we know, the guy is Subway Jared’s brother, and he’s looking for new victims.

Such is the world today.

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