BLM: White People Don’t Get Pulled Over?

Daniel Rushing likes donuts. Some might call it an addiction, but that’s not a crime.

But as this video shows, you just never know. You will see that some cops are serious about their donuts.

Rushing was pulled over in Orlando after leaving a donut shop. When asked why he was pulled over, Rushing said he didn’t know. Despite his name, he hadn’t been speeding; nor had he broken any traffic laws.

Because Rushing is a middle-aged white man, he couldn’t pull the race card, and declare, “You pulled me over, because I’m WHITE!”

Rushing had no recourse.

In an attempt to get on with his daily routine, when asked by the officers if they could search his vehicle, Rushing agreed. They then asked if they could use a canine. Again, Rushing agreed; after all, he had nothing to hide.

A few minutes passed, then an officer returned with several suspicious flakes. The police performed a field test, and the results  came back positive for meth.

At this point you might think that Rushing decided to run, given the propensity for police to shoot fleeing suspects. Rushing didn’t run, however. He insisted that he had done nothing wrong.

The officers said that he was under arrest, and Rushing did what most innocent people do: he complied with the officer.

As it turned out, the flakes were icing from glazed donuts that Rushing gets routinely at the Krispy Kreme Donuts not far from where the arrest occurred. The man was detained for hours because he had donut flakes in his car. But he’s alive.


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