CNN Alters Trump’s Tweet

We all know that the media is biased. However now they are downright scandalous. In the latest example, CNN alters Trump’s tweet.

See if you can spot how CNN alters Trump’s tweet?

The first example is Trump’s actual tweet. The next is CNN’s report of Trump’s tweet.



CNN Trump tweet

By the way, the tweet shows that Trump is unafraid to compare his health to that of brain-dead Hillary Clinton. As we’ve learned over the past few weeks, Hillary Clinton has serious health issues that are intentionally being overlooked by the press.

The very same press ridiculed Trump’s medical report, where the doctor informed us that Trump was very healthy. The media then went after the doctor, like he was the last guy to see Michael Jackson and Prince.

Only God knows when our time is up. So despite her brain disease, Hillary Clinton could outlive Trump. The bigger issue is one of mental capacity. The very idea that Liberals want to play “who has the bigger brain” with Trump is amazing, given his track record of success. Sure Hillary Clinton can turn $1000 into $100,000 in a commodities deal. But if she were so smart, she would have continued trading. After all, she showcased amazing ability in the commodities market.

Hillary Clinton exhibits a serious brain malaise, as she may have finally gotten caught. The building of the crooked family extortion racket, a move that made her family part of the 0.1 percent may have taken its toll.

Hopefully the medical records will give Americans more insight.



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