Colin Powell Fires Back at Hillary Clinton [Video]

Crooked Hillary Clinton lied on the black guy, but Colin Powell fired back at crooked Hillary Clinton.

Powell knows what happens to the black guy in the movie. He’s the first to die. So it’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton threw Powell off the train, then under the bus.

Clinton claims it was Powell’s suggestion that she have a separate server, hide it in her bathroom closet, then delete 33,000 emails, when she was caught. Colin Powell fired back.

Who in their right mind would believe that Powell would indulge such a suggestion that Clinton set up a private server?! Colin Powell fired back out of necessity.

The only email-related suggestion was Powell recommending that Clinton use a regular email for personal information, and the State Department server for classified correspondence. How that morphs into “the black man made me do it!” is a mystery to me.

As the Washington Post commented:

The implication here is clear: Clinton told the FBI that Powell advised her to use a private email account since he had done so while in the same job. Therefore, Clinton’s assertion that she was simply following the accepted practices of previous secretaries of state is entirely proven out. Done and done!

Um, not really. Let me count the ways in which the Clinton email setup ≠ the Powell email setup:

  1. Clinton exclusively used a private email account to conduct State Department business. Powell did not.

  2. Clinton had a private email server, located at her house. Powell did not.

  3. The rules governing electronic communication changed considerably — and got more strict — between Powell’s time in office and Clinton’s. Thisfrom the essential WaPo Fact Checker:

Hillary Clinton has told yet another big lie. However, this one she may not be able to live down, as the dumbest person in the world knows Clinton was hiding The Clinton Foundation shenanigans on her server.

There is nobody, repeat nobody with a brain who would believe that setting up a private server in a bathroom closet is the proper way to handle official government business. To suggest otherwise demeans the intellect of the American public.


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