Crazy Latina Survives Run-in With Police

This crazy Latina survives a run-in with a cop, but barely. She fought the law and the law won.

If you believe the Left however, there is no way this crazy Latina survives a run-in with a cop.

Caution: strong language.


So this chick acted like she was either crazy or stoned, it’s difficult to tell. It’s one thing to be nutty in a bar where people can ignore you until bouncers come. However, on a plane all bets are off.

Safety is tantamount when in the air, because lives are at stake. So when this Latina chick went bat crap crazy, the pilot had had enough. He decided she was no longer welcome on the plane, as she represented a threat to the other passengers. He summoned the police.

In short order the police showed up. The woman remained confrontational, at one point knocking off one officer’s sunglasses as they were escorting her off.

Her tirade continued. She had been warned, but nothing could comfort her.

The situation escalated, but she wasn’t shot.

When you consider her behavior and what the Left says about racist cops, it’s amazing this crazy Latina survives the encounter. I guess she’s the one who got away?



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