Democrats: Hillary Clinton Needs Stupid White People Vote

The Clinton campaign remains in top form. That’s if you define top form as being condescending pricks. This is why Hillary Clinton needs the “stupid white people vote.”

Clinton has pandered to just about every group on the planet. She continues Obamas fixation on gays, though at this point there is little more she can do that Barry hasn’t already done. Next to banning NOT Gays, the LGBT are pretty well set.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t have given the terrorists of BLM a bigger stage. At the convention she invited black teen thug Michael Brown’s mother to the spotlight.

Clinton’s audience didn’t disappoint, as they gave the mother of a thug a standing ovation.

“You go girl! How many more thug kids do you have who can get themselves shot by white cop?”

But Clinton knows have a group that crooked Hillary has neglected, however. As reported in QZ.

Less attention has been paid to the voters that Clinton stands to lose this fall—white working-class voters who overwhelmingly back her opponent, Donald Trump, 58% versus 30% for Clinton. They made up 44% of the electorate in 2012, and they present the most plausible path for Trump to win the election, if he can turn them out in sufficient quantity.

I love how the writer of the article explains the Clinton demographics.

It’s also true that Clinton has seen white people with college degrees shift toward her more this year than Obama in 2012, a change ascribed to Trump’s anti-intellectualism.

Trump is the “anti-intellectual”, ergo so are the Trump voters. The dumbest voters on the planet are Democrats. Further, they have black and Latino Liberals to prove it!

The article continues,

Black and Latino voters also back her in public opinion surveys far more than they even did Obama, a change we don’t really need to explain at this point, do we?

No explanation needed. These two “brands” for Democrats represent the most ignorant voting blocs on the planet, and loyal to a fault.

This is why Hillary Clinton’s campaign is forced to pivot to the stupid white people vote. After all, according to the author of this article, Trump pivoted.

But blunting an opponent’s strength is a political art as well, and so far this convention has not met the lip-service provided by RNC convention speakers who mentioned black poverty or LGBT issues.

Lip-service? I’d love to debate the author in what exactly the Democrats have done for any groups in America, save Gays and radical Muslims. Unless you are either of those groups, your boat is stranded on a sandbar.

Nevertheless, the Democrats are great panderers. As the author writes,

A campaign that fluently speaks to the aspirations of diverse groups without embracing victimization hasn’t figured out how to do it with poorly educated white people.

Translated: The Democrats have managed to get every other dumb group to vote for them, so why can’t they get the stupid white people vote!?

The Left thought Bill Clinton could do this. He was unleashed to do exactly that. To appeal to the “good ol’ boy,” in most stupid white voters. 

If anyone in the party could do so, it would be be former president Bill Clinton, with his good-old-boy appeal. But his speech last night, a successful attempt to present his wife’s biography in a new light, became starker as it veered toward working class whites.

“She sent me in this primary to West Virginia where she knew we were going to lose,” the former president said, “to look those coal miners in the eye and say I’m down here because Hillary sent me to tell you that if you really think you can get the economy back you had 50 years ago, have at it, vote for whoever you want to. But if she wins, she is coming back for you, to take you along on the ride to America’s future.”

Bill Clinton can relate to people, we were told. Remember back in 1992, when he felt everybody’s pain? Apparently, wealth has dulled Bill Clinton’s ability to feel pain.

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