Democrats Killed Another Cop

We learned that two police officers were shot in San Diego. One of the officers died. Yes, Democrats killed another cop.

Hard to believe there is crime in the Utopia of Anwhere, CA. To believe Liberals, there is no crime where they live. So how then did Democrats killed another cop.

The fact is, wherever there are Liberals, even in small amounts, there is a lot of crime. Furthermore, there will always be lots of bourgeois white Liberals making excuses for criminals.

Is anybody surprised that we discuss yet another police officer ambush? Likely not. And you can bet the perpetrators are black. That’s because (1) the media won’t tell you this detail of the shooters, and (2) the shooters being black is just a safe bet. The latest report is one of the people captured is named Marcus Antonelli. But they don’t know his complete involvement, and have yet to release the name of the first captured perpetrator–a definite shooter.

White meddling enabling Liberals [that includes Obama (his white side)], condone the killing of police. In case you missed it, they featured their stance against the police at the Democrat convention.

There is a positive spin: featuring cop killers is a step up from booing God.

I’ve argued that the Democrats are intentionally putting black people at risk, as they accuse the police of racism. Just recently the police responded to a call by asking questions of the person calling for more information to make sure the police were not being setup.

As for this shooting, thoughts are that this was indeed a setup. According to FOX News,

The chain of events started about 11 p.m. Thursday when DeGuzman and Wade Irwin, 32, stopped someone in a southeastern neighborhood, although it wasn’t immediately clear whether the gang officers stopped a pedestrian or a car, police said.

After this stop, shots rang out.

The  situation was described as “routine.” But routine no longer exists when it comes to law enforcement. Now officers must be on high alert for every situation, particularly in sketchy areas of town.

Democrats endorse this new paradigm. More law enforcement officers and citizens who confront them will die, some unnecessarily. Liberals won’t care, because those ambulance-chasers make money when people die.




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