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Editor of Ebony magazine says killing white people can’t be a hate crime.

From the statistics, blacks killing white people is a sport.

Jamilah Lemieux is an editor at Ebony magazine. She is the typical black racist, and her ilk are manufactured by the Left. She is the modern-day product of relics like Jesse Jackson and Sharpton.

These racists believe that black people can’t be racist. However, Lemieux goes a step further, as she claims that killing white people can’t be a hate crime, even when the person killing whites admits to doing it because they victim is white.

The same “logic” applies to white privilege, white power, white lines, white paper, and much more.

The “white” world has certainly given Lemieux a nice living. She couldn’t possibly have earned it, right? Undoubtedly she needed somebody white and powerful to make this happen.

When will America finally strike back at these racists? How long are we willing to allow stupidity and hate-speech from black racist to continue to occur. Racism is racism.

I’m no fan of hate-crimes, because for me, all crimes are hate-crimes. Criminality knows no color. Killing white people is just as bad as killing black people, no matter the circumstances.

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