Fed Email Hack Snipe Hunt

The Democrat’s protection racket known as the FBI is on an email hack snipe hunt.

Instead of investigating the content of the Democrats’ emails– emails that has the city of Ferguson employees mouth agape–the FBI is on an email hack snipe hunt, trying to find out who hacked the Democrats.

The FBI must get the bad guys who exposed the crooked, racist nature of the Democrats. They are the REAL bad guys here, right?

“An analytics data program maintained by the DNC, and used by our campaign and a number of other entities, was accessed as part of the DNC hack,” said Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill. “Our campaign computer system has been under review by outside cyber security experts. To date, they have found no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised.”

The DNC was hacked, Hillary Clinton’s server was hacked, and her campaign servers have been hacked. Why they won’t admit to all of this is beyond me; all except the Hillary server hack. Again, I ask, “Why does the FBI care?”
What the FBI should be investigating is ELECTION FRAUD! All this talk of who hacked whom is a red herring, pardon the Russian pun.

The DNC throws smoke bombs about Russians colluding with the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks hates Hillary. Meanwhile, the DemocRats all look for cover.

So what Wasserman-Schultz is gone. That should have happened years ago, and not because of the leak. Wasserman-Schultz was ineffective, and a Hillary Clinton suckup from day one.
Now there are more DNC dismissals. The crooked group says they have rooted out the person who wanted to attack Sanders’ Jewish heritage, and made her walk the plank.
“Zer iz a Zjew among us…Heil Hillary!”
Congratulations to the DNC for rooting out the racism they say doesn’t exist. Too bad they spent all that time looking for the infamous and non-existent “Tea Party racist.”
As for the “symbolic” firings, nice try at subterfuge. Let’s not forget the entirety of the email discovery. The homage to Mexicans, whom the DNC “branded”, and then discussed as the “taco bowl engagement.”
Then they made fun of a “black” name. Conservatives and Republicans can poke fun at Pookie and Sheniqua. Because we only care about character. Democrats on the other hand MUST be politically correct, because they are the party of buckets.
The emails proved the Democrats manipulate the media, Millennials, and almost all narratives. Then there is that pesky ELECTION FRAUD!
Anybody want to guess about the outcome of the email hack snipe hunt? The FBI will not find the culprit. They will say that though there is lots of evidence to support arresting people, there is no proof of intent.
Further, since Bernie Sanders was out of the country in his new DNC-funded jet and could not be reached for comment, the FBI considers the matter closed.


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