Feminism Loses Ground in Europe

Let’s call what happened in Britain an “honor killing” of feminism. Feminism loses ground in Europe.

Liberals in America love European policies, so let’s see how they react to this news that feminism loses ground.

According to a story I read on FOX News, women have been banned from a British swimming pool so that Muslim men can have it to themselves for a weekly men-only session.

Be still my supposedly misogynistic heart.

Where is the National Organization of Women (the NAGs) on this? Perhaps they are only interested in American feminism?

Here I thought only Anglo-Saxon white Christian men were misogynist? White Republican men the people treat women like second-class citizens, not Muslims!

Imagine my surprise to learn that the religion Liberals fight so hard to protect would pull a stunt like this. From this vantage point, the honor-killing, patriarchal, Sharia-compliant Muslim man may be just as bad white Christian Conservatives.

I can’t say I’m mad at Muslims for rubbing their dusty weather-worn nut sacks in the faces of Liberal women. You know the women of which I speak. They represent the mannish women who lead the cause of feminism in America.

Looks like they’ve taken their eye off the ball, at least in Europe. And Africa, and Asia, and South America!

Women in Europe apparently have no problem with these new restrictions. Why should women in Europe continue to enjoy things the way they were, now that Muslim men want rules for women to go back to the time of Hammurabi?

Maybe Liberals shouldn’t be so consumed with putting “tranny bathrooms” in America. Apparently, their lack of vigilance appears to have created a crack in the dam.



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