Gadsden Flag: Another Historical Emblem Deemed Racist

The Gadsden Flag. Yet another historical emblem that must be sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

The Gadsden flag is under attack. Not so long ago we witnessed the demise of the Confederate flag, a symbol of Southern pride. It’s easy to predict that other symbols would eventually be attacked as well.

Liberal declared the Confederate flag persona non grata, after a white Democrat killed blacks during the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting. Roof was a self-avowed white supremacist. What I struggle with is how does the fate of the Confederate flag lie in the balance of one crazy white man’s act?

The Confederate flag played a major role in the history of this country; a good role. It wasn’t until the 1940’s that  the Stars and Bars became synonymous with segregation and Civil Rights oppression. By the way, all of this was accomplished by Democrats.

Regardless, erasing portions of American history falls in line with the liberal progressive mindset.

Liberals erase history or at least portions of history that don’t align with their demented ideology. Further Liberals continually bludgeon the youth (and the ignorant) of today with their twisted views of history.  The elimination of the Rebel Flag from the town square is literally just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Witness the continued outrage from the left. They now target monuments, streets, college halls, basically any type of landmark named after an individual who may have at some point in history owned slaves or been associated with slavery.

According to NBC,

Yale University will scrub the title of “master” for faculty who work in the residential colleges — but it will not change the name of its college honoring John C. Calhoun, a white supremacist politician and strong proponent of slavery in the 19th century.

The Washington Post also reported,

Princeton University said Monday that it will keep President Woodrow Wilson’s name on its school of public and international affairs and a residential college despite calls to expunge his name from those institutions on the Ivy League campus because of his staunch support of racial segregation.

These incidents are only two of the many incidents that have come up following the tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. Both men were Democrat icons, certainly Wilson.

Wilson was indeed a liberal progressive Democrat who engendered the progressive movement. That movement ironically is the parent of #Bernie or Bust and Black Lives Matter.

These mindless “safe spacers” on college campuses and elsewhere have a demented view of history. They only interpret history in such a way that suits their ridiculous demands.

Black Lives Matter claims to want equality, while the group subjugates whites in the process. Recently a Black Lives Matter protest organizer told whites to “go to the back of the protest…where you belong.” A country founded on liberty, and that has fought for and achieved at making all peoples equal only to end up here?

Where is here? We’ve arrived at a place where a black employee at a private business felt he was the victim of racial harassment. Why? Because a co-worker wore a cap sporting the Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. The black man was so outraged, he filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. And as with all government agencies under Obama, they happily investigated the matter.

Far be it for the man to learn what the Gadsden flag means. The complainant probably wore a Black Lives Matter shirt, while he made the complaint.

Where do we draw the line when it comes to “offensive” language?  Will we eventually come to a point in which people aren’t allowed to be individuals? Will people fear that any form of expression or individuality may lead to them offending others resulting in a lawsuit?

If we allow the demise of the Gadsden flag, we will be just what the government wants: faceless, mindless, puppets of the state.

-Young Conservative

Steve Janiszak @Steve0423

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