Media Would Love GOP to Rebuke Trump

Congratulate yourselves, Conservatives. You have finally stumped the lamestream media. They want an apology from Donald Trump so badly, they can’t see straight.

How dare Trump not buy the story of a Muslim Brotherhood-sympathizing, Sharia-compliant Muslim immigration lawyer?! We are suppose to rebuke Trump, after such a stirring speech.

The narrative was set, as Khizr Khan called out Trump for his stance on Muslim immigration to America. Khan invoked the military and pimped the death of his son. That tactic was supposed to send the Trump and other Republicans retreating. It didn’t.

In an article titled: What would it take for Republican leaders to fully repudiate Donald Trump?, NBC wants to know why the GOP hasn’t dropped Trump.

Khizr Khan, the father of fallen Army Capt. Humayun Khan, has called repeatedly for Republican leaders to condemn their nominee’s repeated attacks on his family and Muslim faith. Khan’s tearful pleas have been met instead with carefully worded statements that have largely fallen short.

“There had been some statements coming from the Republican leadership. But there is amazing silence. Silence of rebuke, silence of asking no more,” Khizr Khan said Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” The party’s nominee has repeatedly attacked Khizr Khan and his wife, Ghazala Khan, since they appeared the Democratic National Convention to condemn the candidate’s proposed temporary ban on allowing Muslims to come to the U.S.

Paul Ryan and other Republicans did run. But Trump doubled-down. They recognized Khan for the con man he is, and the tactics of the Left. Demonize Trump, by demonizing a GOOD policy. Demonize with a no-lose proposition: a Muslim who lost his son.

These people don’t realize they are fighting a different fight. Trump is not the type of Republican who will just take it on the chin or up the butt, if you prefer.

Trump struck back. Hard. And now we get word that Khan sympathizes with the Muslim Brotherhood, and practices Sharia Law, law at complete odds with our Constitution.

Nice prop. That Constitution Khan pulled out was neatly tucked behind the Quran.

But the real story is how the media works. In case you’ve missed it, almost every media outlet is reporting so-called Trump defections. CNN reported on a Jeb Bush staffer who says she will vote for Clinton if the race is tight in FL.

If you put a gun to the head of Jeb Bush, he likely couldn’t remember this woman’s name. But for CNN this was a major defection? And what exactly would be a major defection? Ryan? McCain?

Nobody wants Trump, as he has the potential to expose the game. The person with the most to lose outside of Hillary Clinton is Obama.

This is why Obama, the most unfit president in American history says that Trump is “unfit.” Now there’s credibility. What how the “rebuke Trump” works out for Obama.

Then there are the polls. Pollsters say that Hillary Clinton is back in the lead, with no real reason as to why. “Jus ‘cuz,” I suspect is their answer.

All of this is meant to “shock and awe.” If the Left can do enough quickly, then they can get people to abandon Trump. When that happens, they believe Trump will apologize.

They forget one thing. Trump has already won. Win or lose, Trump has won. He’s no Al Sharpton; the guy who says he ran for president, but was a joke. Trump’s campaign was real. He’s now a true power broker. He would be bigger than Clinton win or lose.

It’s too late to rebuke Trump.



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