More Hillary Clinton Blame Game

In what can’t be good news for wooing the black vote, Hillary Clinton blames Colin Powell made me do it!

The woman who said that she takes full responsibility for her server issues, former Secretary of State Hillary “Racist” Clinton blames Colin Powell for her email woes.

I can see the conversation now, where Powell advised Clinton,

“If I had it to do all over again, I’d put a server in a secret location, like my bathroom closet. Then I’d move all my emails over to that server that’s not tied to the government server, and hire a private staff to manage it.”

Sure, I can see that conversation happening.

As NBC News reports, Hillary Clinton has another story as to how her server issues began:

Hillary Clinton told the FBI that former Secretary of State Colin Powell recommended on two occasions that she use a private email account for unclassified communication, sources told NBC News early Friday.

According to the Democratic nominee, Powell made the suggestions at a small dinner party shortly after Clinton took over at the State Department in 2009 and in an email exchange around the same time, The New York Times first reported. Two sources later confirmed to NBC News that Clinton gave that account to investigators in July.

Throw the brother from the TRAIN!

Hillary Clinton has no idea what she’s saying. First, she’s saying that the bonehead decision to have a private server was Powell’s idea. Second, Clinton is saying that Negroes are full of stupid ideas. Finally, Clinton is saying that she is willing to take bonehead advice from Negroes with dumb ideas.

Is there any wonder people question Clinton’s sanity. There appears to be no clarity in her thought process.

And so much for taking “full responsibility.”

Black people can learn a lot from this. The public Hillary Clinton will take “full responsibility.” However when under the watchful eye of the FBI, Hillary Clinton will do what white elitist Democrats do: blame the black man.



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