Hillary Clinton: Brain-Dead Democrat Druggie

Hillary Clinton has serious medical problems. Truthfully, she’s a brain-dead Democrat druggie.

The woman can barely stand on her own, as (very strong) handlers wait nearby by to keep her on her feet. By now most people have seen the picture of two handlers dragging her big butt up the stairs, essentially confirming that she is a brain-dead Democrat druggie.

I hope those men received hazard pay.

Then there is the picture of a big black guy who poses as Secret Service. He appear to be there to inject her if (when) she has an epileptic episode.

Yet the media questions Trump’s fitness to be president?! Trump looks like a Chippendale dancer compared to crooked Hillary.

We pretty much all know that any Democrat is unfit to be president, but Hillary Clinton has deeper issues besides Liberalism. Hillary has a compounding neurological disorder that could (and likely will) take her out.

Consider the irony that in 2008 the disease called “Obama” took her out the first time. Deja vu all over again.

Can you imagine what the media would say of Trump if he were being helped up the stairs? What if he had to have handlers keep him steady as he gave a speech, or had to be nearby with a Diazepam pen at the ready?

At least now we know why the Democrats recently threw everything at Trump, including Guatemalan midgets.

They hinted that Trump would quit. Then they said everybody was abandoning him, including his kids. The media claimed Trump’s closest advisers planned an intervention. They’ve mounted yet another 3rd-Party challenge, and have done about everything they can to promote Gary Johnson.

All this as the wicked witch of the Northeast melts before their very eyes. Hillary Clinton’s calamity should be front and center. I predict soon it will be.

It’s only a matter of time before Hillary Clinton freaks out (again) for all the world to see. Look at this jewel that the lamestream media won’t discuss.

What will the Left do when this occurs. I liken this to sending an athlete to the Olympics who you know is hurt. Only this is not a muscle pull. What’s happening to Hillary Clinton is a factor of being older than her years. Hillary Clinton is an old 68 years old. As they say in the country, “She’s been rode hard and put up wet.”

It’s time to put the brain-dead Democrat druggie out to pasture with the rest of the old nags.

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